Types Of Buses Available to Rent In Florida

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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Soccer Team Weekend Tournament

Example #1:

A local youth soccer team in Jacksonville is traveling to Orlando for a weekend tournament. There are 18 players on the team, plus coaches and parents, totaling 30 passengers. They decide to rent a charter bus for the trip, which takes about 3 hours each way. For a 30 passenger bus rented for a full day on a weekend in the summer, the quote comes out to $1,950 roundtrip. This covers pickup in Jacksonville, the drive down, waiting during the day of the tournament, and return back that evening. It breaks down to about $65 per person. While more expensive than everyone driving separately, the team sees value in arriving together, having their gear stowed under the bus, and enjoying camaraderie during the trip. The charter bus rental proves to be a great experience.

Overnight Beach Trip

Example #2:

A group of 20 coworkers from a Jacksonville accounting firm want to celebrate the end of tax season with an overnight beach trip to Amelia Island. They decide to rent a 20-passenger charter bus for the 50-mile trip. The bus picks them up at 9 AM on a Saturday morning in downtown Jacksonville. It then drives them to Fernandina Beach, where they spend the afternoon relaxing on the sand and having fun. At 6 PM, the bus takes them to their oceanfront hotel 10 miles away in Amelia Island. The next morning at 11 AM, the bus returns them back home to Jacksonville. For this one-day Jacksonville charter bus rental spanning 61 miles total, the 20 passengers are quoted $1,700. This breaks down to $85 per person. The quote includes all fees, taxes, fuel surcharges, and gratuity. The passengers don’t need to worry about driving, parking, or even staying sober for their celebratory beach weekend getaway. They simply relax and take in the sights during the short drive up A1A along the breezy Atlantic coastline.

Basketball Team Traveling

Example #3:

 A local youth basketball team in Jacksonville wants to reward their players with a fun day at Disney World in Orlando. There are 12 players on the team, plus coaches and parents who will chaperone, totaling 40 people. They decide to rent a charter bus for the trip so everyone can ride together. They book a 40 passenger charter bus to leave Jacksonville at 6AM on a Saturday, spend the day at Disney World, and return back home by 8PM that night. The total trip is 340 miles roundtrip and they rent the bus for 14 hours. Their charter bus quote is $2,380 total. Split among the 40 passengers, it’s only $60 per person for transportation to Disney World and back.

Planning Day Trip

Example #4:

A retirement community in Jacksonville plans a day trip to go see a show at the Times-Union Center downtown and enjoy lunch at a nice restaurant afterward. They have 32 residents signed up to attend. They decide to book a charter bus so the residents don’t have to worry about driving or parking. They rent a 35 passenger charter bus for 6 hours on a Wednesday. The bus picks them up at 10AM, drops them off downtown for the show and lunch, and then returns them home by 4PM. The total cost for the 6 hour, 60 mile roundtrip charter bus rental is $960. With 32 people, each person pays just $30 for reliable transportation and a fun group outing.

A Tour Group Wants to Day Trip

Example #5:

A Tour Group wants to offer a day trip for visitors to explore Amelia Island out of Jacksonville. They plan an itinerary to visit historical landmarks, nature preserves, and enjoy lunch at a waterfront restaurant on the island. There are 28 people signed up for the tour. To keep the group together, they decide to book a charter bus for the excursion. They rent a 35 passenger charter bus for a day, picking up from hotels in Jacksonville at 9AM, dropping off at Amelia Island for 6 hours of exploring, and then returning to Jacksonville by 5PM. The total trip is 140 miles roundtrip. Their quote for the 8 hour charter bus rental is $1,120. With 28 passengers, each person pays only $40 for transportation and guided touring for an enjoyable day on Amelia Island.

Instant Prices via Text & Email Available - Click Here